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Finding The Right New York City Antique Buyer

Sly-lee antiques has been offering quality antiques to the good people of Long Island and New York City for almost half a century. How have they managed to stay in business that long? By building a loyal clientele. Everyone who shops there knows they’ll be getting the best antiques at the fairest price. It’s time for you to get in on the deal too.

Syl-Lee Antiques Antique Dealers NYC Will Make Life Easier For You With Their Unique Services

If you aren’t interested in ordering by phone or coming into the store, the Syl-Lee antique shop will be happy to send antique dealers out too you! Few companies do this. Syl-lee understands the importance of conforming to your schedule. Especially in a town as busy as New York.

Syl-Lee Antiques Antique Dealers NYC Won’t Make You Wait For That House Call

Most house calls are done on the same day. Of course, you may not want them to come the afternoon you call them. Maybe you have a party to go to, or a business meeting? Whatever the reason for postponing the meeting is, they’ll be happy to come at your earliest convenience.

Buy Antiques The Smart Way

Going to an auction can be really impersonal. You’re competing with the other people there and are often forced to put up more money then you want too. Going into an antique shop is a completely different atmosphere. You’ll be able to pay the amount they ask for, not the most you’re willing to pay. This will allow you to turn a higher profit when you go to sell the antique. If you’re planning to keep what you buy, it means you can decorate your home for less.

Nice Manhattan Location

Syl-Lee is open in the most famous and prestigious part of New York City. Want an excuse to go into Manhattan? Telling your husband or wife that you’re going in to visit this store is the perfect excuse! Avoid those shady antique shops located in the Bronx. A nice location means a great business.

Live In Long Island? They’ll Still Send Someone Out To You

A surprising amount of their customers aren’t actually located within the city. Unfortunately, if you’re in New Jersey, you will need to come to the store. Luckily, this isn’t the case for Long Island residents. It may be an hour out of the way, but nothings too much when it comes to pleasing a fellow New Yorker. You can get an antique dealer knocking on your front door by this afternoon, even if you’re out of the city!

Don’t Waste Time, Shop Quality Antiques

Don’t waste time purchasing items that’ll sell for nothing on eBay. Go with the store that has the quality antiques people actually want to place in their home. Syl-lee has been in this business for around forty years for a reason. They know how to please their customers with solid, quality and well-kept antiques.

If you need antique assistance, contact Professional Antique Dealers NYC

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